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Products, Services, & Offers of Special Interest to Gay Males:
Not your ordinary stuff. These are things you really *might* want to look at!

Gay Doctors - or at least, very gay friendly.
The last place you should feel embarrassed is your doctor's office. This site is for the Washington DC area, but they have links for other gay medical resources.

Gay Lawyers - or at least, very gay friendly.
These are lawyers who really understand you and won't judge you for being who you are. Again, this site is for a Washington DC-based organization, but they have links to other legal resources.

A Non-profit Pharmacy.
If you need expensive meds, this place may help you get them at reduced prices. They also accept Medicare and most insurance plans. Free HIV testing, too.

Free Vacation at All Gay Resort
Contact me for 3days/2 nights free stay at the all-gay Parliament House in Orlando, FL. You will be asked to take a short tour of their all-gay timeshare resort next door, but are under no obligation to buy anything and will still get your free stay at Parliament House with all its amenities.
Email if link above does not work. (AOL, WebTV, etc.)

Accessories for Party and Circuit Boys - unique wearables
Unique, standout items for your wardrobe.

Leather Bondage & Restraints - quality goods, reasonable prices
At last - a source with rational prices. Torture your nuts, not your wallet!

Mitech Trading
A general store online with a selection of leather goods from China at unbelievably low prices.
You must spend at least $70 per order, but for $70 you can dress from head to toe in leather!
BELIEVE IT. I am *not* an affiliate.

German Bondage Gear - Extreme Leather, Rubber, & More
Truly unique stuff for which most people have no local source of supply

Think you're pretty well protected? You mght be amazed by what is happening behind your back.

Though it operates the same way as a virus, 'spyware' avoids harming your PC because the purpose is to collect data on you behind your back, and the last thing they want to do is revela their presence. The first time I ran this program, it found *93* spyware programs running on my PC!

Penis Enlargement Pill
Hahaha! If you must be foolish, at least give me the commission! :-)